Yolanda Swearinger | Leather Moccasins

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My name is Yolanda…I make a line of Leather Moccasins for children, and I do commission for adults.
I also, make all Leather Handbags.

I’m Blackfeet. Grew  up on the Blackfeet Reservation, Badgercreek, Montana.

I Love to work with Leather, I find that it’s Natural, smells lovely, and feels great.
My grandmother Mary, taught me to make moccasins when I was young. She used to make moccasins for the children who went without shoes on our reservation..so, she would get donated cow, deer, elk, moose hide…where she taught me to tan and prepare to work with…I no longer do all of that…economically, not viable now days. My main goal, is to pass on this craft for the younger generations…I feel it’s important to know our culture and to teach other cultures a wonderful art.

P.O. Box 83
Princeton, CA California 95970
United States of America

On Facebook: Tokota KeepSakes: All Leather Moccasins

On Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop

ToKoTa’s Keepsakes…New Born Leather Moccs.

Made of very soft Leather,

Most will fit up to 2 months

I can do custom orders