Vivianne Sheshamush

Vivianne Sheshamuch, painting, artost, art work, aboriginal art, pass the feather, aboriginal arts collective of canada

Vivianne Sheshamush

Vivianne Sheshamush

Whapmagoostui First Nation

Identifying as multicultural, Vivianne Sheshamush is a Cree/Inuit/Scottish Visual Artist living in a remote community on the Hudson Bay. Being multicultural, married to a multicultural man and raising their multicultural daughter inspires a lot of passion to show other mixed people, that they can celebrate the different parts of themselves. The different cultures of her ancestors greatly influence her work as well as the stunning landscapes that surround her hometown of Whapmagoostui First Nation.

Vivianne Sheshamush, painter, painting, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

"I am very new to the art scene, struggling with depression and anxiety has always prevented me from pursuing my passions. I started with body painting and it wasn't until my daughters Walking Out Ceremony when I first used acrylics and tried painting on canvas. I am constantly growing and learning and I am loving my journey as an artist."
- Vivianne Sheshamush

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