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Theresa Cook & David Dearhouse | CD Baskets

Theresa Cook & David Dearhouse

Theresa Cook & David Dearhouse

Wathahiiostha (Theresa) Cook is of the Deer Clan. From a young age, Theresa began helping her mother and grandmother make baskets and toys from black ash splints. Her partner, Atewenna;ron (David) Dearhouse is of the Turtle Clan. They are proud Kanien'kehá:ka, language speakers, teachers and well respected in their home territory of Akwesasne. Theresa and David can be found at the Akwesasne Powwow every second weekend of September in  Cornwall Island.



David and Theresa walk all participants through the preparation process of creating splints from the log and teach how to weave a black ash utility basket. Please note that this workshop is suitable for beginners. Contact Theresa and David directly to inquire about booking your workshop.

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