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Matricia Bauer

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Matricia Bauer, Indigenous artist, beader, beadwork, drum maker, drums, hats, jewellery, moccasins, painter, painting, first nations, indigenous arts collective of canada, pass the feather.

Matricia Bauer Artist Gallery Contact Matricia Bauer Matrcia is a singer, songwriter, musician, drummer and an artist. Matricia teaches drum making, leather binding and many more traditional arts and craft workshops. She also has her own jewelry line where she infuses First Nations aspects of her culture into modern jewelry designs. She makes many moccasins, […]


Natalie Rostad-Desjarlais

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Natalie-Rostad-Desjarlais-Wolfstone, painter, pass the feather

Natalie Rostad-Desjarlais I am Asini-eskwiw, Or Rock Woman, or just Nat. I have the privilege and honor to work directly with Mother Earth’s wisdom and character. Utilizing the stones of great wisdom, I help others to see deeper into the history, age and messages available to us with the application of pigments and oxides. It […]


Christopher Miller

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Christopher Miller, Indigenous artist, drawing, hand drums, paintings, painter, drum maker, drawer, first nations, indigenous arts collective of canada, pass the feather, indigenous art, aboriginal art, indigenous art directory

Christopher Miller Artist Gallery Contact Christopher Miller Christopher Miller’s graphite drawings are outstanding for their deeply emotional depiction, capturing moments of content and mysticism. His brilliant mastering of his medium and his extreme attention to detail is nothing short of phenomenal. His love for his work with nature and the animal world is obvious to […]


Vivianne Sheshamush

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Vivianne Sheshamuch, painting, artost, art work, aboriginal art, pass the feather, aboriginal arts collective of canada

Vivianne Sheshamush Artist Gallery Contact Vivianne Sheshamush Identifying as multicultural, Vivianne Sheshamush is a Cree/Inuit/Scottish Visual Artist living in a remote community on the Hudson Bay. Being multicultural, married to a multicultural man and raising their multicultural daughter inspires a lot of passion to show other mixed people, that they can celebrate the different parts of […]