Carol Fraser

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Carol Fraser, drums, workshops, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Carol Fraser Artist Gallery Contact Carol Fraser Métis My name is Carol Fraser, I am a Métis artist and workshop facilitator. At a very young age, my father, a fine Métis fiddler, taught me how to keep rhythm by tapping my foot. This early introduction to cultural music has stuck with me to this day. […]

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Matricia Bauer

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Matricia Bauer, Indigenous artist, beader, beadwork, drum maker, drums, hats, jewellery, moccasins, painter, painting, first nations, indigenous arts collective of canada, pass the feather.

Matricia Bauer Artist Gallery Contact Matricia Bauer Prairie Cree, Sturgeon Lake First Nation Matrcia is a singer, songwriter, musician, drummer and an artist. Matricia teaches drum making, leather binding and many more traditional arts and craft workshops. She also has her own jewelry line where she infuses First Nations aspects of her culture into modern […]

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Charlene Raven Tolley | Raven’s Nest

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charlene raven tolley, beading, dream catcher, drums, aboriginal artist, workshops, pass the feather, aboriginal arts and collective

Charlene Raven Tolley Artist Gallery Workshops Contact Charlene Raven Tolley Kitigan Zibi First Nation  Charlene Raven Tolley, Bear Clan and Algonquin grandmother from Kitigan Zibi and lives in Maniwaki . She’s been beading for over 20 years. Charlene specializes in beaded dream catchers, jewelry and creates stunning painted hand drums. Charlene travels extensively on the […]


Andre Couillonneur

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Andre Couillonneur, painting, painter, drums, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Andre Couillonneur Artist Gallery Contact Andre Couillonneur Woodland Cree Andre Couillonneur is a Woodland Cree artist, originally from northern Saskatchewan but now resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He usually paint things from dreams and visions that he experiences. Andre often paints animals and forest scenes because he grew up in northern Saskatchewan surrounded by forests and lakes and often incorporate […]