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Charlene Raven Tolley

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Charlene Raven Tolley Charlene Raven Tolley, Bear Clan and Algonquin grandmother from Kitigan Zibi and lives in Maniwaki . She’s been beading for over 20 years. Charlene specializes in beaded dream catchers and jewelry and creates stunning painted hand drums. Charlene travels extensively on the powwow trail selling her work under the name of Raven’s […]


Andre Couillonneur | Painter – Drum Maker

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My name is Andre Couillonneur  and I am originally from northern Saskatchewan and I am Woodland Cree. I now reside in Edmonton, Alberta I usually paint things from dreams and visions that I have. I often paint animals and forest scenes because I grew  up in northern Saskatchewan surrounded by forests and lakes.. and often […]