Sue Forget | Painter

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My name is Sue Allen-Forget and I am from the Cree tribe,  Muskrat Dam band. I was born in Thunder Bay and was adopted as a baby.  My adoptive mother was very artistic as well as a grandfather and some uncles, so growing up I was always around art.

After high school I enrolled at The Ontario College of Art in Toronto where I studied drawing , painting and sculpture. Here I got my degree in Fine Arts.. Later I took Native Studies at Trent University in Peterborough where I was immersed in aboriginal cultures. Luckily I am in contact with my Cree mother who has been very supportive of me and my artwork..In my artwork I like to paint Native faces that have a spiritual theme.  Some paintings are from my time at O.C.A. and others were influenced by Edward C. Curtis photographs. I like to meditate and smudge and see where my spirit guides me on the canvas.

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Phone: 613-394-3077