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Star Horn

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Star Horn

Star Horn draws, paints, makes bead, bone & porcupine quill jewelry and rustic furniture. She also use various digital media, collage and photography to create art, ads, logo’s and illustration.

“An artist can only convey through his or her work the experience they have encountered, confronted, and endured. From an early age I was taught that all life is sacred and that all life is intertwined, with no separation.

In the Kanien’keha (Mohawk) language, my name is “Otsisto” (oh-dzis-doh), which in English means ‘Star’. I am a member of the Bear Clan and grew up learning about the Longhouse, our spiritual, political and social place of gathering.

As a Mohawk, born and raised in Kahnawake, I am influenced by the strong sense of family, community, identity and respect for the land. This was never more evident than in the summer of 1990 when we were forced to protect Mother Earth, ourselves, and our rights. I’ve continued to use my art as a political reflection and strong statement about the Indigenous person’s place and extraordinary worth in society as well as a means to relay the importance of our culture/symbols/myths/stories in the modern world.

My jewelry is varied, showcasing the traditional styles born out of historical trade routes with settlers, mixed with some of my own creations, and designs my mother taught me, over the years.”

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