Meet Robin

I am from the Mohawk Nation from the Akwesasne resevation, and I have been weaving baskets for over twenty years. Using the plaiting technique of basket weaving, I use split ash and sweetgrass as my materials, which creates a variety of different sizes and shapes in my baskets. I am well known for my strawberry, blueberry, cancer, warrior, confederacy (unity), corn, wedding, laudry, pineapple twist, splint flowers with the sweetgrass vase, and festive occations (halloween pumkin and turtle shaped) baskets. I always a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes of different baskets on hand ready to distribute on a moments notice. All my baskets are one of a kind and unique and last a lifetime. Many of my baskets are shown on display all around the world, for example; Seneca Resevation, Onieda Nation, Kanawake and Oka Reservations in Canada, Washinton DC, Pennsylvania, New Mexico Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota, Alaska, Texas, and lastly Flordia just to name a few. I began weaving in my teens, learning from my elders within my community, like Mary Jacko and Irene McDonald. Mary was a relative who made baskets and loved to give lessons to anyone who was willing to have the time and patience to learn. When Mary retired, she passed on some handmade basket forms to me. Irene also shared her skills and became an inspiration, always challenging me and giving me the confidence to try to make baskets that are more difficult to make.

Robin Lazore, Basketry, Basket Maker, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather.

"My baskets make me feel good to have in peoples homes and museums all across the world. To me home would not be home without having a basket in it. My baskets are like healing medicine; they give myself and whoever owns them as well strength. Because all my materials used in making them come from mother earth and are all natural, there is a power that comes from the earth and also from the weavers who make them."


Robin will walk all participants through the preparation process of creating splints from the log and teach how to weave a black ash fancy basket. Please note that this workshop is suitable for beginners. Contact Robin directly to inquire about booking your workshop and gain information on pricing & dates.


Hogansburg, NY



(518) 651 9597