Robin Meise

Hello, I am Robin Meise, I am of Cree heritage. My family originates from Frog Lake First Nations in Alberta Canada. I am the owner of Robins Cree Creations. I have been beading and crafting for over 29 years. I was taught traditional crafts, beading, and spirituality from my father and Kookum from a very young age. Some of my favorite memories are crafting and learning about my heritage and spending time in nature. I was taught about wild edible and medicinal plants from my Father and Kookum.

I was raised eating traditional Cree foods and using traditional healing methods which I still do today. I started Robins Cree Creations as my way to help keep my traditional teachings and culture alive and strong. I love to pass on my traditional knowledge to youth and others who want to learn.

I aim to keep my Indigenous traditions, spirituality, ancient knowledge and life style alive for the next generations, by sharing my culture and knowledge with you through my workshops, videos and my arts.

Where you can find Robin