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Narda Kathaleen Julg

Narda Kathaleen Julg


Narda Kathaleen Julg is a Mohawk artist living on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in eastern Ontario.  She designs what she refers to as modern traditional clothing in both fabric and buckskin.  She has used other leathers such as buffalo, elk and moose.

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The leather work is all done by hand.  She creates one-of-a-kind clothing and regalia for her customers and has recently added moccasins, accessories and dolls to her website. Her wonderful customers can be found in the USA, Canada and Europe. Narda is also an author, artist and musician.” In North America, ribbon shirts and ribbon dresses can be seen at any of our cultural events. Though buckskin garmentsare highly prized for their beadwork, hand-lacing, conchos, feather, horsehair adornments and ribbon clothing can go from the dance circle to the office. Whether we are called Indians, Natives, Aboriginal People or Inuit, our many and varied tribes all live together on Turtle Island. At cultural events such as Powwows you will see all the various types of tribal regalia worn with great pride by our People. NKJ Native Originals is pleased to present two Premier Collections of Native Dolls - "Standing Proud" and "Wrapped in Love". Narda has taken two years to create these two outstanding Native dolls. They are collector dolls designed for the discerning person who has a heart-felt appreciation for handmade workwomanship and traditional values. NKJ Native Originals would like to present you with the opportunity to own a ribbon shirt, ribbon dress or buckskin apparel made by 'happy Mohawk fingers' on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in southern Ontario, Canada.

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