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Mark Neil

Mark Neal


Born March 24th 1981 in Phoenix Arizona I was raised in New York settling home here in Tyendinaga Ontario. I am of Mohawk and Irish heritage. I have been intuitive in art from the start. Throughout my childhood and teenage years this only became more apparent as I progressed my talent earning multiple awards and public recognition.

Mark Neal, painter, painting, workshops, facilitator, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

I was chosen to design the logo for the Aboriginal First Nations Public Library of Canada. I draw my inspiration from my very large and supportive family I've dedicated myself everyday to learn and grow to always strive to be the best with unwavering faith. I challenge myself to paint new subjects with new techniques and mediums but always strive for the true life realistic quality artwork I have become known for.

I use every Avenue available to me to mature further with my talent and have made friends and mentors in my pursuit of knowledge such as Wildlife artist Robert Bateman.

I have displayed my artwork in multiple galleries in Canada and the US. Hospitals, schools, libraries, government offices, local businesses. I also take on commission paintings family portraits and pet photos using my talent to give true life to your favorite photos I maintain an active Facebook page where I share my art at various stages techniques and advice answer questions comments offer limited editions and artist proofs. to share as much of my talent as I can as I continue to grow as an artist. I regularly attend art shows and festivals. I am able to produce on demand.

I enjoy creating beautiful atmospheres that inspire and stimulate conversation helping people build stronger friendships and love for one another. The more I paint the more I realize there's nothing more artistic than to love each other.

Be kind and take care.


Mark Neal.

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