Erin FitzGibbon

Erin FitzGibbon

Erin FitzGibbon

I am an artist of Algonquin, Irish, and French descent. I grew being told that my grandmother's family were "Dark Frenchmen". Family history was vague and often overlooked. My mother began to research the history and roots of my maternal grandmother after her death. She found a huge extended family none of us knew existed.


My first real moment of acceptance occurred when a fellow artist, Robin Tinney asked me to be a part of the first-ever Algonquin exhibition of work. He called this endeavour "Finding Critical Mass". It was at this moment that I felt more connected to the whole of my heritage. This event has continued to influence my work. https://www.windspeaker.com/news/windspeaker-news/algonquins-of-ontario-celebrate-their-culture-through-art

My work is focused on positivity. Themes of beauty and perfection in existence permeate all facets of my work. The camera leads me to unexpected places in search of these elements. My inspiration is often quite spontaneous. Many times ideas hit me like a truck, and I have to scramble to find my camera before the moment is gone. The result is a collection of images that vary greatly in subject matter and quite often style.

Some people have pushed me to choose a subject matter or a style for my photography. To be known for a “type” of photography. My “type” is beautiful and varied. I make no apologies for being “all over the place”. I hold onto a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


I offer my workshops in a number of different ways. As a certified teacher, I offer up informative and engaging classes, workshops and lectures that encourage a community of learners to share their understanding and to expand their skills. Webinars can be arranged for groups wishing to hone their skills. I use Google Meet and offer small group instruction.


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2. Techniques for shading using graphite

3. Easy Geometric designs you can personalize

4. Creating a meaningful medicine wheel for children



1. Simple yet Effective Portrait photography

2. The trials and tribulations of publishing your writing

3. The challenges of documentary and travel photography

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