Lynn Wilson

WICK-IT – Hand crafted aromatic materials
Soy candles, vegan soaps, bath bombs, gift baskets, knitted goods

Lynn says that Wick-It has just evolved over the years. She was originally looking for a candle supplier for her seasonal Christmas store on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Her daughter April volunteered to develop an environmentally sound candle using wood wicks, soy wax and essential oils.

The Kingston-based business became “Wick-It”. The candles were a hit and April preceded to source ingredients for a vegan soap that her sensitive skin would tolerate. April decided then to return to university to study Social Work.

Rather than shut down Wick-It, Lynn volunteered to keep it going. After a few local craft shows, Lynn and her husband Dave have added bath bombs, her family’s knitted goods and gift baskets to the collection. The Indigenous-inspired designs and scents have found an audience at Hand Made Craft shows, conferences and Pow-Wows across the province.

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