Leah Shenandoah

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Leah Shenandoah - Jewelry, Sculpture, Textiles & Music

Leah Shenandoah

Onya’ta:aká: teknakéhle’ thahyu:ní niwaki’taló:t^ - Oneida Nation Wolf Clan

Leah Shenandoah is of Wolf Clan from Oneida, NY. She has been making art and performing her entire life with her Mother, Joanne Shenandoah, who has 17 albums and holds a Grammy. Her Grandmother, Maisie Shenandoah, Wolf Clan, taught her native crafts from a young age. She intends to help heal others through her art and music, with loving intent, materials and colours.

Leah Shenandoah, jewelry, music, textiles, Indigenous Artist, First Nations, Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada, Pass The Feather

Leah holds a BS Cum Laude in Textiles from Syracuse University and an MFA Cum Laude candidate in Metals and Jewelry from Rochester Institute of Technology. Leah won a Native American Music Award for "Best Debut Artist" and a Syracuse Area Music Award for "Best Alternative" for her debut album "Spectra”.

"My goal in life is to help heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants through my music and art." - Leah Shenandoah

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