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Jill Lunn (Shimizu)

Jill Lunn (Shimizu)

Born and raised in Niagara/Hamilton Area, Jill is the mother of four girls ranging from school aged to post University ages. She has been educated in Special Needs Education and Recreation Management. Trained in visual arts and music from an early age, Jill is a painter, pianist and violinist.
Mostly home instructed in many art mediums by her mother, the late, but well-known Artist, Audrey Bernice Shimizu, Jill paints about a range of subjects including Intergenerational trauma, Aboriginal Issues and Healing. Although her favourite medium is acrylic paint on canvas, she will alternate with other mediums including sculpture, multi-media collage and photography. Jill's business, Valleycreek Craft and Consulting, is now a sub business of Ryan Lunn Music and Consulting. In collaboration, Jill and Ryan Lunn are creating an Art collection which visually depicts the story being told in Ryans recent musical work and recorded on the Album “We Are Co-Pilots”. Works are Acrylic on Canvas and Multimedia on Canvas. Several of Jill's original pieces hang in agencies and businesses within the Niagara Region including Pathstone Mental Health, Contact Niagara and Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre; and London, Ontario; where pieces hang in CPRI, Child and Parent Resource Institute. Numerous pieces of her original work are part of private collections within the Niagara/Hamilton Region. Jill and Ryan reside and raise their family in Jordan Station ON. Working from their home studios, they often paint and compose together, occasionally creating collaborative paintings. Currently Jill works with Ryan Lunn Music and Consulting, as the lead consultant. Their offices are also located in Jordan Station. All of their children are being trained in music and the arts. Training is provided to the family both by professional music instructors (Matt Keighan & Melissa Shriner) and Musical home instruction by Ryan himself. The children are receiving home instruction in Art techniques, which is provided by Jill and their oldest child who is a graduate of OCAD.

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