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Respecting the Animals

We work in many ways to assist in the health and safety of all of our cousins - the walkers, swimmers, flyers and crawlers. When we cannot help, we respect the animal and use it to our best ability.

We are proud to exchange respect with wildlife rehab facilities.

Community & Equality

Geese are the only birds that can reach the altitudes of Eagles, making them an extremely important part of our spirituality.

The Goose is a symbol of equality, cooperation and the connection between the land and the sky world. They move in groups by way of unique formation and share in leadership – teaching us that we are all equal. They never stop working together and represent our dependance on each other's strengths.

Indigenous Spirituality

The Eagle is most revered of the birds as she is the highest flyer and can carry our messages to Creator; crossing between the spiritual and material worlds. She symbolizes insight, strength and spiritual wisdom and when soaring she can see farther than the scope of any other being. It is true that the eagle sees beyond what is in front of her and so carries much more insight.


Please don't throw away the feathers from your harvest. We will make great use of them. Wild Turkey, Goose, Partridge, Grouse...we will use them all. Please put the wings and tails in your freezer and we will come get them.


Ground birds are keepers of our territories. They are also known to raise their families generation after generation on the same land; our families intertwined with the families of ground birds.

We must be forever grateful to ground birds for our very existence. They demonstrate selflessness and give themselves to us for food. They keep our grounds clean and spread seeds.

The feathers of these birds are detailed, colourful and gorgeous. Their beauty reminds us look closely - to take the time to see little things in life and to be grateful.


Our birds are sacred; they are our connection to Creator, the keepers of our environment and protectors and guiders of our existence. Their feathers are one of the most sacred items that can be given.

Birds as our messengers do not part with their feathers unless there is good reason: a lesson to be taught, a message to be shared, a comfort to be given or a reminder that we need to improve upon our behaviour or ethics.

The feather bundle pictured are commonly used by traditional Indigenous people for prayer, regalia and talking circles.



It will be the fall before we have any feathers but when the fall hits, oh boy will we ever have a lot of them !! LOL.We could plan a weekly pick up and keep it easy for everyone. Happy to help !! Looking forward to getting to know you Dawn. 

Ryan Reynolds, Capital Waterfowling

I was very excited to receive your email and I am more than happy to work with you on this. I have long since sought a meaningful way to honour the animals I get that don’t make it and it seems that your program would be perfect. Let me know how we can make this happen.

Sincerely, Chantal Theijn, (founder/AWC) Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge

Hi Dawn, I’ve spoken with my manager, and he’s very open to the idea. Personally, I’m excited about it.  We can work together to make something that works.

Yours in Conservation, Alex James BFA. BEd, OCT, Conservation Education Coordinator OFAH | Mario Cortellucci Hunting and Fishing Heritage Centre

Long and short to your question of having us on board.... Yes !! This sounds like a great cause and something we would be happy to be part of!

I look forward to hearing form you and reading more information upon how we get our "leftover" parts to you. Thank you and talk soon Dawn !  

Shawn R

Your program sounds very interesting and we can see the positive use in education of students across Ontario.  Indeed, my wife  is a Public School Board Trustee and is a strong supporter of the new FNMI curriculum currently being added to our Ontario classrooms.

We would like to support your program and would add you to our website and on our bills of sale a paragraph indicating that we are requesting donations of discarded feathers and/or wings.

Sincerely, Bruce and Jaine Jeninga, Bird’s Eye View Game Farm and Hunting Preserve

Hi Dawn, I've just retired as a Firearms Safety / Hunter Education Instructor but I believe this is a fantastic idea.  I will discuss this with other instructors that are located closer to you. Let me get back to you.  I am in full support of this initiative.


Hi Dawn! My pleasure! Will let you know when we have feathers for you. Sounds like a great program. Glad to be a part of it.

All the best, Tanya, County Outfitters

Schedule a Pick Up!

Please put your wings and tails in the freezer and give us a call. We can pick up in Eastern and southern Ontario fairly quickly. We can also come to Montreal and southwestern Ontario with some notice.