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IACC Membership Application
Please be specific. These categories will determine your placement in our directory. For example: moccasins, beadwork, dream catchers, jewelry, etc.
The Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (IndigenARTSY) retains the right to reject membership and vendor application based on the evidence that an artist submits regarding identity. While we cannot define who identifies as Indigenous, we ask that artists belong to, or have a connection to a certain Indigenous territory or community. In some cases, we will reach out to Indigenous communities to confirm these connections. This non profit organization is for Indigenous artists only. We commit our resources to Indigenous artists only, and are very proud of our large artist membership. Additionally, the funding we are granted is specifically for Indigenous people and must be spent on the terms it was granted. Can you confirm that you are related by blood to living Indigenous people? Are you connected to an Indigenous reserve/community/nation by blood?
We are proud to support Indigenous artists. If you retain an Indian Status card or band card, please upload a photo here.
Please let us know what work you're interested in and we can help to get your name out there!
Please describe your workshop here.
For example, you may have a store that people can physically visit - you will want your address published. If you work from home, it is not advised to make your address public.

Below type URLs (links) where people can contact you or see your work! Like Facebook, Etsy, Ebay, etc. We’ll add them to your page.

Are you in a Powwow circuit or have certain art shows or markets that you sell at regularly? List the dates and gatherings where you will sell your work so people can visit you.

To have a membership page, photos are very important. Upload one profile photo and additional photos of your work.

Where did you learn your skills? Who are your teachers? Write a short history about you and your work; how your work represents your Indigenous culture. This bio will be published on your page.
I give full permission for the IACC to create my membership listing on the website All of the information that I have provided in this form can be published on the website, marketing and social media connections. It is my responsibility to contact the IACC should any of my contact information change.
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 88


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