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It will look something like this and visitors will be able to search for your name in the sidebar.

The more places you put your website address, it is more likely that people will find you in a Google search - so make sure to include it!

Just fill out the information below or email us your photos and contact info!

Create your own page

Here you can leave URLs to links where people can find you or see your work! LIke Facebook, Etsy, Ebay, etc. We'll add them to your page.
Are you in a Powwow circuit? List the dates and gatherings where you will sell your work.
Please include your name, tribe/band and a little history about you and your work.
I give full permission for the AACC to create a listing on the website All of the information that I have provided in this form can be published on their website, marketing and social media connections.
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