Laura Fauchon

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Laura Fauchon, visual storyteller, acrylic painter, painting, painter, visual art, Indigenous artist, first nations, indigenous arts collective of canada, pass the feather, indigenous art, aboriginal art, indigenous art directory

Laura Fauchon Artist Gallery Contact Laura Fauchon Cree/Saulteaux, Peepeekisses First Nation Laura is originally from the Peepeekisses First Nation in Saskatchewan. She is Cree/Saulteaux and have lived in Ontario for the past three years and currently lives in Petawawa, Ontario. She is a military Mother and always involved in the creative world at some level.  […]


Christopher Miller

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Christopher Miller, Indigenous artist, drawing, hand drums, paintings, painter, drum maker, drawer, first nations, indigenous arts collective of canada, pass the feather, indigenous art, aboriginal art, indigenous art directory

Christopher Miller Artist Gallery Contact Christopher Miller Mohawk, Akwesasne Reserve No. 15 Christopher Miller’s graphite drawings are outstanding for their deeply emotional depiction, capturing moments of content and mysticism. His brilliant mastering of his medium and his extreme attention to detail is nothing short of phenomenal. His love for his work with nature and the […]


Sherry Crawford

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Sherry crawford, sharing circle, learning, aboriginal artist, aboriginal artwork, pass the feather, aboriginal arts and collective

Sherry Crawford Artist Gallery Contact Sherry Crawford Kijicho-Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation Sherry is from the Kijicho-Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin Nation in Bancroft, Ontario, picking up the pieces of her culture over the past 25 years. She believes through art, we can connect all people. Seeing art, creating art or both, she considers it a healing […]

bead work

Star Horn

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beading, painting, drawing, mohawk artist, starhorn, pass the feather, aboriginal arts and collective

Star Horn Artist Gallery Contact Star Horn Star Horn In the Kanien’keha (Mohawk) language, her name is “Otsisto” (oh-dzis-doh), which in English means ‘Star’. Star is a member of the Bear Clan and grew up learning about the Longhouse, her spiritual, political and social place of gathering. As a Mohawk, born and raised in Kahnawake, […]


Alicia Marie Lawrence

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Alicia Marie Lawrence, painting, artist, pass the feather, aboriginal arts and collective

Alicia Marie Lawrence Alicia Lawrence is an urban contemporary artist, shamanic graphic designer, and creative writer. Alicia works in traditional and digital mediums, and is in continual exploration of her Alberta Plains Cree-Métis ancestry as she practices reflective positioning between subject, artist and audience. She participated in Aboriginal Student Art exhibits art Emily Carr University […]


Whitney S. Whiteduck

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Whitney S. Whiteduck, painter, artist, aboriginal art, aboriginal paining, pass the feather, aboriginal arts collective of canada

Whitney S. Whiteduck Artist Gallery Contact Whitney S. Whiteduck Ojibway Azhawana Pinesi Kwe, Ojibway of Sheguiandah First Nation on Manitoulin Island, ON and Algonquin of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan, ON. Buy her work at… Contact Artist Contact Artist Ottawa, ON Artist Website & Social Facebook



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Chelsea Brooks, painted feathers, aboriginal arts collective of canada, pass the feather, feather art, aboriginal artwork, turtle painting

The AACC is fundraising for our Indigenous Arts Conference! This gorgeous work is by artist Chelsea Brooks! Bid on this 8″ x 10″ hand painted canvas and matching 11″ feather! If you purchase a set from this page, all proceeds will go to our not-for-profit AACC! We’re fundraising for our Indigenous Arts Conference!! Price of […]


Vivianne Sheshamush

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Vivianne Sheshamuch, painting, artost, art work, aboriginal art, pass the feather, aboriginal arts collective of canada

Vivianne Sheshamush Artist Gallery Contact Vivianne Sheshamush Whapmagoostui First Nation Identifying as multicultural, Vivianne Sheshamush is a Cree/Inuit/Scottish Visual Artist living in a remote community on the Hudson Bay. Being multicultural, married to a multicultural man and raising their multicultural daughter inspires a lot of passion to show other mixed people, that they can celebrate the […]


Jill Shimizu-Lunn

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Jill Shimizu, artist, aboriginal art, pass the feather, aboriginal arts collective of canada

Jill Shimizu-Lunn Artist Gallery Contact Jill Shimizu-Lunn Born and raised in Niagara/Hamilton Area, Jill is the mother of four girls ranging from school aged to post University ages. She has been educated in Special Needs Education and Recreation Management. Trained in visual arts and music from an early age, Jill is a painter, pianist and […]


Donald Chretien

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13 moons, Donald Chrétien, painter, graphic design, carver, pass the feather

Donald Chretien Artist Gallery Contact Donald Chretien Nipissing First Nation Donald’s work demonstrates his quest for an artistic expression of his Native identity, which encompasses issues of language, family, place and self determination. His distinctive style is influenced by the Woodland style of art common to his band, Nipissing First Nation. Donald graduated from the […]