Call for Submissions

We are valuable, strong and diverse. Indigenous women matter.


Okónwara, Okónhsa | Her Mask, Her Face

Are you making COVID-19 masks?

Indigenous women are invited to submit photos of their hand made masks to this non profit organization by June 8, 2020. CALL IS CLOSED.

A jury of Indigenous women artists will pick 20 of your masks to be exhibited in our presentation of at the Indigenous Women’s Arts Conference (Ottawa). The conference will be rescheduled after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided and not until it is safe for us to gather.

 Artist: Lily Hope, Juneau, AK

Towana Miller, Kahnawake, QC
Artist: Towanna Miller-Johnson, Kahnawake, QC

 Are we seen? The Identity of Indigenous Women

Do we have identities as Indigenous women?
Are we truly valued or are our faces and identities irrelevant to our non-Indigenous neighbours?
Have we always worn masks?
Have they ever really seen our faces?

As an Indigenous women, we are aware that we are more likely to go missing, be murdered or be victims of violence. We are also aware that we are not as likely to be investigated as non-Indigenous victims of violence; crimes against us often go unnoticed or are not valued as worthy of investigation. There is often no justice.

This call for submissions draws attention to not only to the Indigenous response to the COVID-19 pandemic but to our identities and vulnerabilities as Indigenous women.

Artist: Marlana Thompson Baker, Okwaho Creations, Akwesasne.

Artist: Donna Delores Gull,

Iethi'nisten:ha Ohon:tsa is Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) for 'our strength, our Earth Mother'

This is a time of renewal for Mother Earth; while the humans are forced to isolate, she has an opportunity to regenerate.

As this renewal happens, we are forced to [re]connect to her and to each other. When Indigenous women gather, we [re]vitalize our traditional values, culture and ways. We borrow from the past and offer it to our future - the children.

Bethany Maytwayashing, COVID-19 mask, pass the feather, call for submissions, indigenous arts collective of canada
Artist: Bethany Maytwayashing, Manitoba

CArrie Hill, Chill Baskets, pass the feather, indigenous arts collective of canada, indigenous art, native art, first nations art
Artist: Carrie Hill,, Akwesasne

These photos are used with permission of each artist. Masks do not have to be functional protective equipment.
We are exceptionally grateful to each artist who responded to our call for submissions.

Call for submissions closed.

Create your mask. CALL IS NOW CLOSED.

Deadline for submissions is June 8, 2020.


If your mask is selected:

  • Your mask will be featured in the exhibition: Okónwara, Okónhsa | Her Mask, Her Face at the Indigenous Women's Arts Conference in Ottawa as well as on line and through other marketing avenues.
  • We will buy your mask.
  • Artists will receive a free page on our artist directory at
  • Artists will receive a free entrepreneurship branding package including a logo and website.
  • One artist will be selected to facilitate mask making workshops at the Indigenous Women’s Arts Conference (this is a paid position - value approximately $2000).
  • Selected artists (who are interested) will be commissioned for a large mask order to be used to protect women at our Indigenous Women’s Arts Conference.
  • Artists may be offered different prizes should they choose not to be available to visit the Indigenous Women's Arts Conference in Ottawa or are not able to fulfill large orders.