Buffie Gideon Lee

Buffie Gideon Lee

Buffie Gideon Lee

I am Buffie Gideon Lee. I am a Mi’Kmaq, and a member of both the Gesgapegiag band in Quebec and the Aroostook and in Maine. While I learned traditional Mi’Kmaq basket weaving as a youngster, from my elders, it wasn’t until I broke my boyfriend’s antique woven chair that I had to expand my weaving skills to include furniture!


I learned quickly; we have been married and I have been doing furniture weaving since 2012. I weave new children’s woven stools, chairs and rockers, reweave heirloom furniture, and as demand dictates, conduct workshops to teach various weaving techniques.

I am presently based in the States, but due to science deniers, anti-maskers, racists and misogynists pretty much running the show, hope to be relocating soon to New Brunswick or Mova Scotia.

Please contact me for all of your weaving wants and needs!


I am both an artisan and professional educator. Soon to be relocating to the Canadian Maritimes, I repair and renew traditional woven furniture, from chairs and benches to loungers and beyond, in my studio. I craft children’s stools, chairs and rockers, and other pieces by commission. And, I also host the occasional workshop to teach various elements of my craft.

To make your heirloom new again, or to get or make one of your own, contact me today!


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