Ama Beads

Chandra Labelle was raised in the suburbs of Montréal and had little contact with Indigenous arts and crafts growing up. As the child of a Sixties Scoop Survivor, there were no traditional teachings passed down to her Algonquin mother nor to Chandra.

Chandra is the proud mother of two Inuit children, Raven and Lucy. When her children reached daycare age, in a culturally rich environment, she knew the time had come to practice the crafts that she’d always wanted to learn.

Chandra is grateful to those who have shared their teachings with her. In turn, Chandra has proudly been able to gift her children’s teachers her own hand made crafts. Now, years later, Chandra has learned enough to pass along the sewing and beading teachings you’ll need to make your own first pair of moccasins.

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