Workshop Registration

Workshop Registration and Inquiry

feather bundle workshops, pass the feather, smudge feathers, non-profit, workshop registrationFeather Bundle | Sharing Circle workshops are one of a kind and only available from the AACC.

If you would like to register for our workshop at Kumik Lodge (Sept. 11-15, 2017), please contact Patrick Beaudoin at 819-9979703 or email

If you would like to request a workshop in your area, or be on our contact list for upcoming workshops, please complete the form below.

If you are part of a non-profit group and are working with community members, Elders, survivors of abuse, survivors of the residential school system, survivors of the apprehension of children by social services (coined 60’s Scoop), displaced individuals and individuals that need assistance with recovery from drug dependences, please click HERE.

The form below will put you on our contact list for workshops. We will contact you when there is a workshop in your area!


  • Private workshops are available. You may also join a scheduled workshop in your area. Simply fill out the form below or email us at

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SCHEDULED WORKSHOP REGISTRATION - Private workshops can be scheduled. Please fill out this form or call 613-847-7692 for more information.