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Dawn Setford | Feather Keeper

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Dawn is a Feather-Keeper and artist.

Dawn has always collected and created art with feathers. Her renowned feather bundles are in demand for talking feathers (sharing circles), smudging and regalia.

She spearheads a program that helps Ontario hunters recycle their wings and tails. Her husband Derek drives all of Eastern and Southern Ontario picking up the birds and Dawn cleans them at home. The feathers are then used in our Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange workshops, in public and private workshops and to create feather bundles which are used in fundraising efforts. All of the feathers are collected from wildlife rehabilitation facilities, zoos, aviaries and most importantly by donation from hunters across Ontario.

Most recently she has worked with the Ottawa School of Art, University of Ottawa, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario, federal First Nations educational institutes, numerous classrooms across Ontario and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Her workshops are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. We explore the value of talking circles within our systems of education – how they teach trust, respect and co-operation or in the case of adult workshops, we will practice and explore the healing and spiritual benefits of sharing circles. We also touch on sustainable hunting practice and ornithology. Dawn also teaches and advocates for Indigenous survivors of the child welfare system, otherwise known as the ‘Sixties Scoop.’

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Website: I Am Dawn

Website: I Am Dawn | Mohawk Thanksgiving Address

Pass The Feather

Email: Dawn@passthefeather.org