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In the name of reconciliation and cultural equality, Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada protects endangered Aboriginal art forms and their makers, employs logistically and economically vulnerable artists and empowers the next generation of artistic leaders. 

Through programs such as our Pass The Feather Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange, we are nurturing exciting friendships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth, teachers and artists using visual culture to transcend cultural, logistic and financial barriers. We are teaching equality, respect and informed opinions of FNMI cultures.

The AACC is a First Nations powered initiative that relies heavily on visual art and storytelling to pass along traditional knowledge to our youth. We facilitate art workshops to each of our participating classrooms.

The AACC hires FNMI artists to facilitate classroom workshops. Our director led feather decorating workshops are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. We explore the value of talking circles within our systems of education – how they teach trust, respect and co-operation. We also touch on sustainable hunting practice and ornithology.

In keeping with traditional Indigenous ways, the AACC offers gifts in trade for donation. Our gratitude for your support is reflected in authentic, traditional, hand made creations including decorated feathers, feather arrangements and unique and authentic arts and crafts.

Please explore our websites for more information on our programming, to enroll your classroom in our Art & Knowledge Exchange or to join our directory and employment list of FNMI artists.

www.passthefeather.org and www.passthefeathertome.org (Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program)

Find out how you can work for and be a member of Pass The Feather and the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada. All are welcome and the details are here.

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Feathers For Kids!

feather bundles, ofah, feather bundle workshops, smudge feathers, pass the feather,Pass the Feather...to our students and artists!

If you're a hunter, please don't throw out your feathers! There's a new program in town that's going to clean and reuse those feathers!

We're looking for ALL your feathers...goose, pheasant, duck, turkey...

If you can save them, text or email us and we'll come pick them up!

If you're in southern or eastern Ontario, we will be there! If you're outside of our pick up area, just contact us and you can mail them on over!

New 'DROP OFF DEPOTS'  in the Ottawa Area! Click here to find out where you can drop off your feathers!

If you can pluck, great! If not, just remove your wings and tails.

All proceeds will go to our Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program!

Just text! 613.847.7692 Click here for more info!

Join our art workshops AND

donate to our classroom program!

We are working hard to save our Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange Program.

We would love for you to join us in one of our Fundraising Workshops!

Not only will you get insight into First Nations culture and art, make your own traditional craft but you will also be supporting an amazing cause!

To learn more about where your dollars will go, click here!

To learn more about our workshops, click here!


We hope to see you there!!!

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What are you looking for? ARTIST DIRECTORY!

Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange, Pass The FeatherPass The Feather to Me!

Classroom Art  & Knowledge Exchange Program

“Pass The Feather To Me!” | A Classroom Art & Knowledge Exchange and Pen Pal Program is creating exciting friendships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth using the arts to transcends logistic and financial barriers. We are creating co-operative and respectful interrelations for future generations.

We will provide transparent lesson plans and take the ‘work’ out of including Indigenous subject matter in classroom curricula and finally step forward and include Aboriginal content in the classroom.

The program aims to encourage healing and mitigate inter-generational trauma. In turn, the inclusion of predominantly non-Aboriginal (or classrooms of mixed cultures) allows for the development of informed opinions on matters relating to Aboriginal peoples and their history and traditions.

'Pass The Feather to Me!' is a not-for-profit program that reaches out to our youth and uses the arts as a vehicle to transcend logistics, language and financial barriers. Follow this link to get to the children's website. Teachers click here for information on how your classroom can participate!