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AACC | For Indigenous Artists

AACC | For Artists

In the name of reconciliation and cultural equality, Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada protects endangered Indigenous art forms and artists, employs Indigenous artists and empowers the next generation of artistic leaders.

The AACC is recognized as a Canada not-for-profit organization. We are artists FOR artists.

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• The AACC offers Indigenous artists a page on our website that includes artist biography, portfolio, photos, contact info, links to social media and sales sites. Create your own page HERE.

• We offer Indigenous artists employment opportunities. The AACC regularly purchases art from our registered artists and represents the works in fundraising venues such as shopping malls, markets and powwows.

• Our artists are often offered contract positions in which they can work from home. The art produced from these positions are sold in fundraising venues.

• The AACC posts tips and tricks for social media marketing, photography and business advertising.

• The AACC regularly donates art supplies to financially and logistically challenged FNMI artists and offers artists links to art grants and art resources.

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Pass The Feather

Pass The FeatherIsohetst ne ostó:ser is First Nations owned and operated from the Algonquin/ Mississauga territory of eastern Ontario. PTF is grateful to live and work on this land and offers thanks to the original nations that walked here.

PTF is a unique business specializing in sacred feathers, amazing graphic design and beautiful websites. PTF offers one of a kind educational workshops and business design services.

workshops | business branding | web design

Our feather bundle workshops offer participants of every age the opportunity to connect with sacred birds. We learn to respect the responsibilities that they carry in our spiritual, physical and environmental health while creating talking feathers for sharing circles or smudge feathers for medicines.

Pass the Feather offers extraordinary graphic and web design services. With over 25 years experience in marketing, photography and graphic design, PTF is known for crisp, clean and modern websites, effective corporate branding and eye catching logos and social media advertising/posts.

To find out more about Pass The Feather's one of a kind feather bundle workshops, web design, marketing and graphic design, please click HERE.


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Kelsie Young Dreamcatchers

Kelsie Young Kelsie Young is part of the Mi’kmaq Nation and was previously a member of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nations Band of Newfoundland, Canada. She learned the traditional art of basket weaving, of weaving dream catchers and wooden flower making from a Chief from the Bear River First Nations in Nova Scotia, Canada. Kelsie […]

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Jill Shimizu Arts

JILL LUNN (SHIMIZU) Artist, Owner Valleycreek Craft & Consulting Giinew Kwe Ojibway Eagle Clan, Six Nations Ojibway Born and raised in Niagara/Hamilton Area, Jill is the mother of four girls ranging from school aged to post University ages. She has been educated in Special Needs Education and Recreation Management. Trained in visual arts and music from […]

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Sue Forget | Painter

My name is Sue Allen-Forget and I am from the Cree tribe, Muskrat Dam band.

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Chelsea Brooks | Painter

My name is Chelsea Brooks. My home community is Indian Brook, Nova Scotia. I first started painting at the age of 2 years old!

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Mikana Jewelry by Trish McLaughlin

Handmade jewelry with Native flair! inspired by Native culture & nature. About Trish: Ever since I was little, I have always loved making & wearing jewellery. I embraced all fads including gimp, embroidery thread friendship bracelets, Phone wire, and hemp.

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Sherry Crawford

My names is Sherry Crawford. I was born and raised in Bancroft, ON, and have been drawing, painting and creating my entire life.

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Deron Ahsén:nase Douglas | Painting

Deron Ahsén:nase Douglas is a Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) artist/author with roots in the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory.

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Mark Neal | Painter

Artist Mark Neal Painter Realism true life beauty on canvas. Born March 24th 1981 in Phoenix Arizona I was raised in New York settling home here in Tyendinaga Ontario. I am of Mohawk and Irish heritage.

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Twists and Turns

Twists and Turns Jewelry

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Homespun Naturals by Tanya

Homespun Naturals by Tanya Hello, my name is ISHPIGOBOWEK-Tanya Keech. I currently live in Chapleau, Ontario but originate from Mississaugi First Nation in beautiful Northern Ontario. I and am Maukwa Dodem.

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Eric C. Keast

Eric C. Keast is a painter, sculptor and makes beadwork jewelry. Eric is an Ojibway Ahnishnahbeh self taught visual artist who resides in the area of Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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The Turtle Feather

Kelly Henhawk  of The Turtle Feather, is Mohawk and her territory is Six Nations of the Grand River.

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Wetsuweten Native Arts | Charrine Naziel-Lace

Charrine Naziel-Lace is a Northwest Coast Indian Arts and Crafts Professional, Carver, Illustrator

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Tracey M. Barnaby | Painter

Greetings! My name is Tracey M. Barnaby. I am a Mi’gmaq artist from Listuguj Qc. Arts and crafts were always something that I considered to be only a hobby until last year when I did my first canvas painting. When that brush touched the canvas something sparked inside of me. I connected immediately and have […]

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Culture Shock Jewelry

Culture Shock! Many designs are brought to life by Business graduate Kathryn Pasquach, a Cree women with ties from the Mushkegowuk area a member of Moose Cree First Nation. Growing up in Toronto, Kathryn began making jewelry at a very young age taught by her mother and grandmother, she has over 20 years of experience […]

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Indigenous Knowledge in the Classroom

As the importance of Indigenous studies has finally come to desks across the country, we are reaching out to more educators as a resource option for fun and inclusive workshops.

Our work is dedicated to bringing Indigenous ways into the classroom, to create an informed opinion of cultural equality and teach the value of inclusivity and diversity to our children and youth. We envision a more respectful connection between Ontario’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and by recognizing mutual ground such as art and environment, we have an opportunity to create a reciprocal relationship and decrease the perceptions of inequality.

All Talking Feather workshops are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. We explore the value of talking circles within our systems of education – how they teach trust, respect and co-operation and we will explore how animals give themselves to us for ornithology. Find out more HERE.

We are proud of our history of workshops within camps, school boards, educators and students across Ontario and look forward to sharing our knowledge with you, your colleagues and students. Our Feather Bundle workshops are presented to students in the classroom, at day camps and community centres. 


talking circles create equality

develop listening skills

promote trust and safety


photo: AACC Classroom Art and Knowledge Exchange Program 2016.

Feather Bundle | Smudge Feather Workshops

Our workshops are suited to both children and adults and are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. The time with feathers allows us to (re)connect with the natural world and to take time to reflect on our dependance on Mother Earth. They give us an opportunity to reconsider our perspectives on family, friends and colleagues and offer a new outlook on equality and acceptance.We will practice and explore the healing and spiritual benefits of sharing circles and how intergenerational trauma and blood memory profoundly affect our lifestyle and actions. We also touch on bird medicines, sustainable hunting practice and ornithology.

Each participant will receive a variety of feathers, hide and beads to work with. All are welcome to be creative and design sharing circle bundles, regalia fans or smudge feathers that are suitable to their personal needs and uses.








Classroom Workshops

Our Feather Bundle workshops are presented to both students in classrooms and adults in settings of lodges or gatherings. All Feather Bundle workshops are infused with valuable lessons that reflect respect for others, respect for our land and the animals that we share it with. We explore the value of talking circles within our systems of education – how they teach trust, respect and co-operation or in the case of adult workshops, we will practice and explore the healing and spiritual benefits of sharing circles. We also touch on sustainable hunting practice and ornithology. Find out more HERE.

Thank you to CBC for recognizing our hard work and airing this interview.

Art is Healing | Donnell Taylor

Donnell Taylor is a friend of many - he is also a friend of the AACC and Pass The Feather.

Indigenous people have overcome great odds and Donnell is proof that we are resilient, strong and essential to the identity of Turtle Island / North America. We are proud to introduce you to him via this documentary. Thank you for sharing, Donnell. 

You can find Donnell and more of his work on our website, you can order his work through Pass The Feather or you can meet him in person on Elgin Street in Ottawa.